The Daily 5

I am slowly updating and rearranging my classroom, after moving to a new building and new grade level this year. After 18 years in preschool special education I finally "graduated" to Kindergarten and I LOVE it!! I am in a great building with a great staff!! Well any hoo, I got tired of looking at my mismatched daily 5 pics so I made new ones tonight. They look so much better than the ones I had up. I also added a laminated pink piggy bank to our magnet board at our group meeting/calendar area. The children use magnetic coins to represent the date of the month. We've been doing this using plastic money but now it can be displayed for the day.
Daily 5 w owls


  1. These are ridiculously cute, and I have shared them on my blog! Thanks for offering these for free; they are truly the cutest owl D5 posters I've seen.

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  2. Thanks for sharing.


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