Penguins and a Suess-ey Calendar Freebie

We had a busy week finishing up our penguin activities. The kiddo's wrote their own books and helped create this interactive bulletin board for the hall. As I stood on a chair after school trying to reach high enough to trace a 4 foot penguin I wondered if I should have just measured the kids with a yard stick....but, I really think it turned out great. Painted it with water colors and VOILA..."life" sized emperor penguin. Surrounding the penguin are questions and facts about penguins.

I finished my new calendar set for March tonight. It is an AABB pattern, and includes the letters to spell March. I also made an upper to lower case alphabet match game. You can grab it here. Suess-ey Calendar Numbers and Letter Match Freebie
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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  2. They will love the penguin!
    and I think I would be terrified if I ever saw a real life emperor penguin!

    Going Nutty!

  3. Your penguin looks awesome - definitely worth the hard work.
    I have an award for you on my blog. Come by and check it out!



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