New Item Finished!! Yahoo!!

I found out last week that I am staying in the same building for next year and I am super-dee-duper happy! I love the people I work with!! Our enrollment is down so one teacher has to change buildings. Selfishly, I am glad it isn't me, but the teacher leaving is so nice. It's sad she has to leave. It appears I will start the year with more students than I did this year but I may not have to move between two grade levels...I think I am in K all day....which is A-OK with me. So for a while I have been working on a classroom set that has coordinated labels, word wall etc. Then I kind of stopped because I thought I was changing grade levels. When I found out I get to stay in K, it kind of gave me the kick to get it done. I think it is super cute!`I have it loaded onto Teacher's Notebook, and it is on is everything in my store. About a million moons ago when I first went to college I was an Art Education major and I still LOVE to make things and draw. Someday I hope to post some of my doodles as clip art...maybe this summer. Here is how the Let's Get Hoppin" set turned out....
You can also grab this freebie from the set...
Grab your freebie from Teachers Notebook. My friend wants a safari/zoo/wild set so I will post that as soon as it is done. Have a wonderful week!!

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