New Classroom Design Giveaway - Monster Set

I finished the aqua and green classroom set and decided to make it a monster theme. I am giving away one set here on my blog on Sunday. I used the rafflecopter the last few times but then I got to thinking about making you follow me all around cyber-land to have an entry. That is not really my while I am very appreciative if you follow my blog and stores your entry will just be made by leaving a comment below...sound good?

I had a special request for a 'bee' theme classroom set so that will be next. Then I will do a safari/jungle theme. I am also drafting out a year of homework packets for Kindergarten. Busy, busy, I'm just full of ideas, lol.

We have a brand new math curriculum for next year so I need to make sure the activities align with the lessons being taught. I went to an in-service today and I go back tomorrow. It is all about the new math curriculum.

I also spent 3 days cleaning out my classroom cupboards getting everything organized. My classroom is super organized and tidy but I had secret hidden stashes of clutter...shhh don't tell. Now every cupboard is organized too and my file cabinets are all cleaned out. My recycle bin was brimming! I think I had saved every extra copy of papers since dinosaurs walked the Earth, very outdated and things I will never ever use again! They are gone now! I also changed all my bulletin boards for next year.

What changes will you make to your classroom for next year?

Make sure you leave your email address if you are entering to win the Monster Set. I will email it as a PDF file attachment. Have a great week!



  1. I love the blue & green color scheme! Super cute!

  2. How stinkin' cute is this? Love it!!!

  3. LOVE the monsters! Would look GREAT in my classroom..... just sayin'! :o)


  4. I started collecting monsters this year. I love what you have and want it for my classroom.

  5. This is absolutely adorable! I just recently found your blog and I LOVE it!


  6. This is such a cute theme, and so appropriate for some of my students (being little monsters themselves!) This is definitely my favorite theme of yours, as it not too girly, but not only for boys. Well done!

  7. Love the theme and the colors.

    Great job.

  8. Your themed sets are so cute!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now your newest fan--looks like I've missed some good things! ;)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  9. I love the colors! Thanks for stopping by my blog today :)

    Swimming Into Learning

  10. Your set looks great. Monsters are my favorite theme!!



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