IEP/RTI Data Collection and Alphabet Letter Match-Up Game

Happy Weekend!! Well I think I have too many projects started at the same time because I don't have my trash to treasure project done yet, and neither are my classroom curtains. So instead I am going to share an idea for keeping student data. I maintain a very organized student binder for every one of my students. But they can be cumbersome when trying to work with students and take down data. I personally am horrible at trying to jot things down later, and I think that method of tracking data lacks validity so this is what I do.
Using MSWord I create a 3inch by 3 inch text box in a new document and save it. You can fit 6 squares in one page. Make sure to save a blank copy to use as a master. I assign my students a number, so, for example I have nine student in ESY so the children have a number 1 thru 9. Ok, back to the data type:

student number
student objective (but remove name)
Type one objective in each box,and continue for all of your students. OK,now you have a master data sheet for every student and every objective written in a small Carefully place a 3x3 Post-It note onto each square and place this in your printer paper tray (with the sticky side facing in). You can now print all of those objectives onto Post-Its. What is great about it, besides teacher accountability, is how simple it is to take data during the activity. Inside my data binder for each student is a master copy of this form. After a post it note is filled in I place it in the students data binder. This has been the easiest method that works for me for collecting data on objectives that I need to tally. I actually now use it for all objectives.
This might be a helpful method if you are collecting RTI data on a student.
I use a number for each student vs. their name to promote confidentiality.

So for ESY we are doing lots of practice with naming letters,numbers and writing them. I have a few games but I am trying to tie things together with themes so I created this game:

It looks similar to a popular children's book you may know. I added it to TpT today if you would like to snag a copy for your back to school centers.
I promise I will get my curtains done and take pictures!!
Have a great weekend!!



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