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Wow, thanks so much for following me!! I don't have a fabulous follower giveaway but I can thank you by offering my new 'Days of the Week' freebie. I just finished a new set and I wanted to share something from it as a freebie. You can get your freebie and read about my giveaway here:Days of the Week Freebie

Well I have another week and then I will begin teaching Extended School Year (ESY). It should be great as I had many of the students a few years ago when they were in preschool. And, thankfully, we are in a building with A/C.
Beginning in August I plan to write a series of blog posts on 'Managing Student Behavior'. As you know, if you read my 'About Me', I am an Intervention Specialist. I have always had cross-categorical classrooms, which basically means, "Anything Goes". It seems though that I typically have the students with extreme behaviors. Why you ask? No, I am not being punished, lol. I LOVE kiddo's with behavior difficulties, does that sound worded wrong? I have some tried and true strategies that have worked for me and I want to share them with you. I hope you will find the information useful.
Has anyone attended any good Professional Development this summer? I attended a two day Math in-service on our new math curriculum and I was so happy to get my hands on those manuals early. I needed them to get my homework packets done before August. I am also attending a three day in-service on Common Core and Language Arts in August.
Thanks again for following me! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!



  1. Congrats and THANK YOU for the freebie! I am excited to hear about your inexpensive window coverings.
    An Open Door

  2. Congrats and thanks for the freebie! I actually attended an awesome math PD this summer. It was Creative Mathematics with Kim Sutton. I learned so so much about math. I'm soo excited to use it in my class!!


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  6. Your days of the week freebie is as cute as all get out. I found you via your TT post today. It's about time I got my bum over here :)

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