September Kindergarten Homework Pack

I finished my classroom today. I have a few little items to tweak but I think it looks very inviting and kid-friendly. I took before and after pictures...I really did, I promise, but I can't get my phone to charge so I will have to load them later this week. This year I will have 11 children in a combination of resource and inclusion. I will do some pull-out to my classroom for Language Arts, Writing and Math. I will also spend as much time as possible with my students in their Kindergarten classrooms. I have several students with behavior favorite(!!!)... and no I am not being sarcastic!! I love working with children with behavior difficulties. Since I have so many I asked the Assistant Principal if I could implement a Social Skills Group this year and she said "Sounds great!" Yahoo, can't wait to put that in gear. I will target activities or behaviors in which they struggle. My classroom is very organized and we follow a structured schedule.
My first day of school is tomorrow. We have a district-wide meeting followed by building staff meetings. In the afternoon we get a few hours to work in our classrooms. Then, at 4:00 they will throw open the front doors and we will have Open House. I should be sleeping right now but I also just finished (finally) my September Homework Pack and I really wanted to share it before things get crazy this week. If you ever purchased my other two weekly packets this one is a bit different. I went through the comments and emails from teachers who had used those and made a few changes. With this monthly pack you will receive four individual weeks of homework. Each week has five activities and a reading log. All of the activities are aligned with the Kindergarten Common Core Standards. I will be doing monthly homework packets from this point forward. Here is a collage which shows more of the pages from this packet. I did my best to fit as much as possible on each page to reduce copy size. Each packet will be 4 pages per student for a week of homework. September Kindergarten Homework Packet

 It's not too late to get in on the  Five Things I Will Miss About Summer Linky Party. I hope you have a wonderful school year!!


  1. Hi! I just purchased your September Kindergarten Homework. I loved the content but was a little disappointed that it didn't have the Kindergarten CC standards cited for each activity like your other (2) packets did. I know you did mention that it was aligned but I think it's great for teachers/parents to see how each activity aligns with each standard. Any reason for the change? Just curious...other than that, I love it! Thank you!

  2. I can try to add them. It was more a space issue. The font was so small and I didn't think it looked good on the draft. Hold off a bit on making your copies and I will try to update the file this weekend. School started for me today and I don't think I will have a lot of time until the weekend.

    1. Ok, thank you for your response. I will hold off on making copies until Monday. :)

  3. I loved your Sept. packet - I look forward to seeing the October packet.


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