Where Have I Been??

Hi Teacher Friends,
Had to dust off this blog and leave you a quick note. I've been MIA for a bit and this is why....
Isn't he the sweetest little guy!!!
Here he is less than 1 hour old, the first time I held him while Alexis, my daughter, was still in recovery.
While my daughter was in the hospital having her new son. We got to spend 6 days with this little guy....

It took a lot of creative juggling as no children under 14 were allowed in patient rooms due to the flu. BOOO!! Poor guy didn't see mommy for nearly a week, and never got to meet his new brother until they were released from the hospital. Here they are together....

 The new baby has a hole in his heart so he was at the hospital 3 times this week to see a pediatric cardiologist. They are monitoring him closely and will wait a few weeks to make a decision on heart surgery. If you are the praying type please say a little prayer for my new little guy. His name is Myles.
I am busy busy busy, still playing the juggling game, trying to help my daughter, take care of my other kids at home, and finish up my February homework packet.
Thanks so much to all of you who have emailed me with your positive notes!

:) Nancy


  1. Praying for Myles and your family.

  2. Myles is just beautiful! Congrats to your new addition and sends lots of prayers for Myles and his Mom;s recuperation.

  3. What a beautiful baby! Praying for little Myles and your family.

  4. I am praying for you and your family. Myles is a beautiful little baby.

    The Cornerstone Classroom

  5. Adding prayers for this miracle of life. Take care of yourself, sweetie. (From one over-extended grandma to another.)

    Isn't it about time for us to make our plans for spring and a get together!?!

    Debbie Clement

  6. What a blessing! Enjoy this time with everyone in the family and getting Myles home and healthy.




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