Great News!! A New Set!! And...a bit of Randomness!

Guess What?? We had the follow up visit to the specialist......

And we got great news!!! Prince Charming's tests came back negative for cancer...his scar is healing great and we have no more doctor visits scheduled!!! Woohoo!!! What a relief!!! Thank you so much for you kind words, prayers and support!!! I LOVE my bloggyland friends!! 
Well I came up with another new idea.... I really think my clip art name should be the ADD Artist, I am constantly drawing new things that dont really fit together into any type of theme, but I like trying to draw different types of characters. I made a set of these crayons for another classroom label set.
Then I had an I am going with a new theme next year ....colorful crayons with bright polka dots and chevron labels in colorful primary colors. And then I thought I could make these little cuties holding the crayons.....what do you think? I am loving the rainbow theme idea and it goes perfectly with stuff I already have. My classroom tables are labeled by color and I have colored caddys holding all the supplies in each table.
How about you? Do you do a classroom theme or try to match everything using a color theme? I think the new set will look so cute!! 
What are your summer plans....reading? 
I plan to read the stack of books growing under the end table. I've been adding to the stack throughout the year. A lot of mysteries in the pile....that's probably my favorite read. We are taking a mini vacation in July...hopefully to the ocean...maybe Virginia Beach. I am going to take a few online classes and I am also hoping to join in on one of the online book studies going on this summer. Sounds like a fun idea....and you can do it in your jammies drinking coffee....what could be better??

Seriously, thanks again for your prayers and support!!! Have a great week!!


  1. So happy to hear that all is well!

  2. Oh I am so excited to hear that prince charming is doing great! Thanks for the update! You and your family must be so relieved!

    The Bender Bunch


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