Calendar Numbers Freebie

Well have you ever gone to set up the monthly calendar and you don't have all of the numbers?

Where do they go?

I usually use the same set for August and September....they were cute little kid faces that I bought a long time ago....but not this year because somehow I lost two of them, lol. I also 'lost' my camera (but actually I am hoping I left it in my classroom). We set up the 3 main bulletin boards and took pictures but now I cant find the camera. We (my daughter and I) were there a long time and we were pretty 'pooped' when we left so hopefully it is there!
I think I will go there tonight or tomorrow to get it so I can share the pics. Everything looks so bright and fun with new backgrounds and borders!!
So back to the calendar numbers....I gave up searching for the numbers and decided to just make new ones. I used the new digital colored crayons that I drew and they turned out great. There is also a page of blank labels (sorry not editable) that you can use.
I put this one up through my FB page.
To grab your free set, click on the Fan Freebie tab. It will take you to the site to download your free set. I will likely make a new set for each month as some of my numbers are REALLY old!!
I'm still not counting down, but if I were it would be 10 days....


  1. I LOVE these!! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to use them!

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

  2. Hi Nancy, I think of you each time I see my avaitar!I get so any great comments about it! I feel an urge for another new one coming on! Are you ready? I changed my glasses - they are now leopard style! LOL! When I get into school I'll send you another pic of me and the new glasses! Thanks so much!

    PS I'll try to be better about leaving a comment!


  3. Oops forgot to ask you. I have bought all of the Homework products but I think I'm missing one. Have you created all 9 mos?

    thanks & thanks for being so nice to me!



Thanks so much for reading! I appreciate your comments! :)