Easiest Kindergarten Math Game EVER!!

Today the kiddo's had a blast playing the easiest math game EVER!! Seriously....if you have unifix cubes it is basically zero prep.

Got these?

Today we played a game practicing "greater than" and "less than" and practiced tally marks as well. Ahead of time I took plastic circles, but poker chips would be perfect. I wrote "greater than" on one side and "less than" on the other. That was the prep, E*A*S*Y   P*E*A*S*Y!!
The children picked a buddy and took one handful of cubes. They built their cubes into a tower. Then they took turns flipping the discs and recording it on a piece of paper. The kids negotiated who would record and flip...taking turns etc. Some kids played 6 rounds of this game....seriously they loved it.

Looking for a good book with a social message?
A few weeks ago I started a Friendship Group on Fridays. I have a few students who need to work on some specific social skills. I wanted it to be fun but also allow for discussion on feelings. We read a book with a topic or trait we need to discuss. and then play a game or do a cooperative activity together.The first week we read My Mouth Is a Volcano. After reading the book we mixed up a batch of salt dough and made our own volcano together. This week we read....
This book is really funny, has a bit of fairytale humor and a message too. I also found this version on You Tube if you can't get your hands on a copy of the book.

I love good books don't you??

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