A Bird's Life

So I am giving serious consideration to changing my blog title to "A Bird's Life" or "Life in the Zoo" or better yet... "I married Dr. Doolittle"... Mr. Hubby a.k.a. Dr. Doolittle, works for a large pet store chain.... and he continues to bring home pets. We now have a dragon, a scorpion, some kind of lizard that I can't remember the name, a rabbit, and of course my favorite new friend "Willie" the rescue bird. Plus....oh my... our two dogs. Each of them added "because the kids will love them". Oh, and did I mention the assorted LIVE food we have to keep to feed the zoo.... crickets and worms, YUM! So my new friend Willie (who arrived with that name) can imitate sounds and whistles and he says "whatcha doing?" Well I do believe the bird also swears.... YUP.... I'm pretty sure he mimicks a choice phrase that I cannot write here.... so thank you previous care giver for teaching the bird that one. That will be just great when the kids have friends over, or my 80 year old mother stops by for a visit. Thank goodness it isn't completely clear and I could convincingly lie through my teeth just say he is singing....ha, love that song....NOT!

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