Happy Saturday!!!

So my quest for today is to go back through all of my bookmarks, and I have a bizillion, and actually follow all the blogs I originally bookmarked. I have some more things to share but I am not clear on the "ins and outs" of which clip art I can use and share and which are no-no's. I don't want to get myself into cyber-detention.
We made such a cute craft for our bulletin board this week that I wanted to share. I combined a bunch of ideas I read about and adapted it to my students. Every class that passed by stopped to look at it....and of course.... after carrying my camera in my pocket the entire day yesterday... did I actually take a picture, oh no - no - no. I just carried the camera home with nothing to add. I will take a picture next week.
And on a yummy note - we are baking Starbucks - like.... um errrr.... flavored cupcakes today. Mmmmmmm!! I will take a picture (hopefully). I would love pay you in chocolate to have more followers for my blog, thanks so much! LOL Have a wonderful weekend!!

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