April Calendar Cards Freebie

I finished these yesterday and have them uploaded to my TpT store along with a few other freebies. I can't believe I live in Ohio, it's March, and today it was 80 degrees again...that just doesn't happen. Oh. and did I say I am on Spring Break to boot...can you say Y*A*H*O*O?!?
I am finishing up another homework packet for K. I will have it uploaded tomorrow. I am thinking of opening a Teacher's Notebook store. Anyone have one? Any benefits to TpT over Notebook? They look so similar but the cost to join is so much lower for Notebook. I just don't know, we are really pinching pennies at our house so I make do a switcheroo over to Notebook.
OMG, totally off teacher tidbit topic but.....did I ever write about the wedding cake my daughter and I are making. We are making the wedding cake for my neice' wedding in 2 weeks. It will be a 4 tier cake, with 12 total layers, probably 30 inches hign without the topper when we are done. That is our biggest cake yet. We are super...super super...super super duper bakers. Our cakes are S*O*O*O*O yummy. I will post pictures of the process and the final cake. I know it will be good....I hope...if it is straight, and the fondant cooperates...and we get it to the reception in one piece. Oh GEEZ!! YIKES!!
Have a great week!!
\April Calendar Freebie


Thanks so much for reading! I appreciate your comments! :)