Good Grief Charlie Brown

Oh my, I seriously was about to throw my computer out the window.... oops...brakes....rewind. I love sharing freebies as much as I can but we are having a serious financial crunch at our house. A family of 7 cannot live on my pay, and Mr. Hubby is trying desperately to find a job. I put a few things on TpT and I am so very thankful for the teachers who have purchased items from me.
So.....Mr. Hubby said to try Teacher's Notebook, since the price was a lot less to join. Well I was in serious need of a How-To Manual or Teacher's Notebook for Dummies or a Tutor or something. I couldn't get anything to load. I was trying to do my "shop" through Internet Explorer. I finally closed all my tabs, took a little break, and tried again through Google Chrome and yip-yip-yahoo I got it to work and even loaded a couple items. I have no idea what i was doing wrong but I am glad it finally worked. I added a new little linkie right over there on the right>>>>>>>>>see it there? If anyone has a minute would you take a quick peek and let me know how it looks? I think I need another pair of eyes on it, especially for typo's or grammer errors.
Only 2 more days of Spring hoo. On the bright side, I have my lesson plans written for the next two weeks. I hope my friend Mrs. Custodian remembered to feed my frogs at school. I better make her a "frog-sitting" gift.
Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?

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  1. I am getting the Mr to drive me to Indiana to take some materials to the teacher I signed up for on Teacher's Taking Care of Teachers. And then I am sleeping for two days (spring break)

    Going Nutty!


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