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"Thought of the Day"..."Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Greetings Bloggers!
I have had such a lazy day. Cleaned for about half a minute and then spent the day drinking coffee and perusing the internet....alas the cute pic above. I made a whole folder of them.
We are getting ready to have an end of the year Secret Pal at school, this time to give inspirational messages and words of encouragement rather than daily gifts. I searched messages that I am going to print onto scrapbook paper and make into a tag book for my "Pal". Along the way I found oodles of inspirational words and phrases for kids. I think I wrote down about 100 of them. I made 36 of them jumbo sized in a polka dot font. They are loaded onto Teacher's Notebook. There is a freebie from the file there too.

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  1. What a cute picture!
    I have awarded you the Lovely Blog Award. Check it out on my blog.

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