I'm back and a freebie!!

LOL, that picture makes me laugh. Well it has been a long two weeks for me. Two of my daughter have pneumonia now, and one spent 6 days in the hospital. Another had a trip to the ER with a burn on her arm from the lawn mower and Mr. Hubby still has an infection in his elbow and may need surgery. That is just enough on my plate.
I am thinking ahead to next year and trying to decide the theme for my classroom. Although, at this point I am not sure what grade I will be teaching. There will be a lot of changes at our school due to retirements and smaller class sizes moving up through the grades, also fewer children identified with special education needs. I am not good with uncertainty, for some reason it is very stressful for me.
I am going to try to create a completely color coordinated room. Once I have everything done I will share. But for now I am sharing my "words of praise". You can get them for free here Teacher's Notebook

I hope everyone had a better week than me, lol.
:) Nancy

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