Home Sweet Home!!

Wow, who knew a short dash to the Urgent Care with my daughter last Monday would turn into an ambulance ride and SIX day stay in Children's Hospital. I'm so glad we are all home together today...finally!! She won't be back to school for a few more days but at least she can relax, sleep and recover here at home. She had double pneumonia....geez...she didn't really act that sick. So...after my panic on Monday...I had things in my bookbag that a sub would need and I did not want to leave my daughter to run them to the school...I decided that when I got home I would create a "self-contained" emergency sub plan as a freebie to all. Luckily for me, I had everything in folders at school, and I tend to over-plan so the things in my bookbag were not overly important. I want to create something that can be printed out, run through the copier and done. Nothing that requires any cutting or laminating. I dont know about you, but our substitutes can arrive 5 minutes before the school day starts. If anyone has anything they would like to add to my freebie please let me know. I just know now that when you are in a panic or have an emergency, the last thing you want to stop and do is write a sub note.

I hope you all had a better week than I did!!



  1. You poor thing...I'm so glad your daughter is doing better! I too just posted a give away for a sub packet. I agree that having everything ready to go is so important...especially when you have kids. You just never know. Glad your all at home and best wishes for a speedy recovery. =)
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    1. Thanks Bobbie! Now one of my other kids is wrapped in a blanket saying her throat hurts. Hopefully she isnt sick too. I wish I knew how to do a linky party. I'd do one for "sub-in-a-box" emergency lesson plans.

  2. I hope your daughter gets well soon.


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