Just a Funny....and "Draw Something"

Thought For the Day... Believe in your own brilliance!
Ha, ha, ha...this is for you Miss Staci...because you make me laugh daily. Well this will be short because I have to go get some Zzzzzzz's and I am super-dee-duper tired.

So does anyone play that game "Draw Something". I LOVE that game. The pictures look like the daily artwork produced in my class, but drawn by adults, hilarious. Message me if you play it so I can add you on FB.
Missed my Jenna's softball game today. I wish my school ended an hour earlier. I can't get to any away games this year. They are all too far away in the wrong direction. Well at least I can see part of the home games. I LOVE watching her play!!
Have a great week!!

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  1. Wedding cake IS one of my favorites:)
    Isn't it crazy how many squirrels have been "caught on camera"?
    I guess I need to get a FB...I'm just too scared...really- we have had major issues in our district....teachers & FB not a good combo here....{sad face}

    Going Nutty!



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