Wedding Cake a Success...Freebie Labels...and Compound Words Activity

My niece got married yesterday and the wedding was beautiful. Even having two sick kids this week ...UGH...did not keep my daughter and I from getting the wedding cake finished. It turned out pretty and tasted super yummy. We stalkedwatched people as they ate saw lots of "clean plates" and heard tons of good comments. I guess most people didn't know we made the cake, which was a good thing, in case it toppled over or tasted ucky. I have oodles of pictures on my camera but still cant find the cord to upload them. I think I took more pictures of the cake than the bride. HA! She looked beautiful though. Here are a few from my phone....
And another.....
And one more....
A busy but fun day!

Today I made a new activity for a friend and I have added it to TpT. It is a Compound Word Pocket Chart activity. It would also be fun as a group game, having the children try to find their partner/compound word.

Compound Word Pocket Chart Activity

I am playing around with different themes for my classroom for next year. I think I am going to do black, white, and yellow polka dots with sunflowers. However I also like green, pink, black and frogs. I made this today to see which looked better. I'm still undecided but you can download these labels for free in my TpT Store
Report cards are due Friday so I may not post for a day or two. Have a great week, especially to those of you lucky enough to be on Spring Break!!


  1. I've just tagged you! Stop by my blog to see your questions if you would like to play. =)

    The wedding pics are beautiful...I'm impressed you made the cake!

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    That cake sure looks yummy! I love your niece's dress. She looks like a princess. Isn't that what we all want to be??? :)

    1. Thanks for following me Liz! My daughter and I made a mini test cake a few weeks ahead so we knew it tasted good. We were afraid it wouldn't look good, lol. They took a big leap of faith having us make it. It was the biggest cake we ever made. I'm glad we got to do it!!

  3. Wow! What talent! Found you on TPT...looking forward to following you! Stop by and see me some time! Happy blogging!


    1. Thanks for following me Tanya. I'm on my way to your blog now to follow you too. :)

  4. That cake is beautiful!

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  5. Thanks Rachel!! Where are you in Ohio?


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