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Hello Hot Weather!!
Can you believe this heat? I have so many projects going I have decided to start a new blog for my Classroom Designs. I dont want this blog to turn into a Sunday newspaper circular but I do like to let people know when I have finished something new. I thought if I was going to make a change I should do it now while teachers are still learning about these sets.
I will keep this blog and use it for my original intention...sharing activities and ideas from my classroom. Of course you may get an occasional craft or recipe,lol. Or how about a picture. Here is how we attempted to stay cool today.
I think tomorrow is supposed to be just as hot, ugh!

So back to my original thought...the newest blog, lol...I am so easily distracted. This is a link that will take you there. Not too much on there now but I will add new classroom sets onto that blog so that I can keep this one more filled with (hopefully) useful ideas.

Classroom Design Collections
Stay Cool!! AND enjoy your weekend!!!

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