This and That and a Winner!

So last night I was browsing the that's kind of funny. And I found a blog where the woman has decorated her home using finds from the curb and the Goodwill. One of her projects was refinishing a table in an hour. WOW, really? An hour? So THIS is my coffee table....

Yup I know, pretty cruddy looking, but what do you expect with 5 kids? Here it is again...

So we went and bought this...

And my daughters and I got busy. Now it looks like this...

Wow, is that really my 25 year old coffee table? And we didn't even put on the clear coat yet. I am quite impressed with out handiwork. Wonder what we should do next?
Well since I had 2 posts for my Giveaway I decided to just count through the posts in order to the winning number. The RNG picked number 13....which....OH Twinkies!! Is ANONYMOUS.....crack me up....all that hoopla!! Funny!! Or maybe it's the fumes from the wood stain that is making it funny. LOL
Well not to worry, the yellow bee set is nearly done and my friend wants a set with orange polka dots so that will be coming soon too.
Have a great night!


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  1. The table looks great! I wish I was that crafty-definitely have some furniture that could use an update! :)



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