Back to Class and September Calendar Freebie

I went to school today to get my room back in order from the floor being waxed. I met two of my teacher friends and we all took turns helping each other. It was fun having the whole building to ourselves. We took a peek in different classrooms to see how everyone was doing with their classrooms.
My room was a mess from the floors being waxed. Not much was back into place where I had it. I really wanted to take a picture so you could see the transformation, because it looked 'two thumb's down'... but my phone died...boooo. I guess it was ok that I needed to reorganize again because I ended up throwing away a bunch more.
Are you the teacher that keeps everything or throws everything away? I used to keep EVERYTHING. If I made too many copies, I kept the extras. If a game had missing pieces, still kept it. When I changed buildings last year and saw how much I had accumulated over the years I began throwing things away. My classroom is very organized but my cupboards were packed full. It was like you took one thing out and six things fell out with it. They look so much better now after a year of throwing away or giving away things I will never use. My next step is to put post it labels on every drawer and cupboard and label the main contents so my new aides will know where to find things and where to put them away.
The sad news of the day was for my friend. She changed classrooms to a larger room and they punctured her Smartboard during the move. They hire extra employees during the summer, usually college kids and they tend to not be too careful with the belongings...don't they know those are our treasures?  :)
I made a new calendar set for September to share. It's very simple, just numbers to 31 with an apple theme. You can grab a copy via my google docs. I dont tend to use google docs too often so please let me know if it isn't working.
Here is the link to google docs:  September Calendar Numbers
A while back I made a larger word wall to go with my free classroom set on TpT titled 'All About Yellow". I wanted to share it again since I know everyone is getting ready for back to school.
Here is the link for the Word Wall. Yellow Word Wall
I have my last week of ESY and then a little break before the start of the regular school year. I will end with a little 'Mom of Teenagers' humor...saw this one earlier today...

Have a wonderful week!!


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