Fun with Friends!!!

Hello Friends,
I will be gone for a few days to be with my daughter as my grandson has surgery tomorrow. Say a little prayer for him! He is just the sweetest little baby ever...well I guess he is really a 'toddler', (wink). But guess what? I have a few friends lined up to visit and you will not be disappointed. They are wonderful teachers, and you probably already follow them!! Stop back tomorrow to see who is here!!

I have been working on the new September Homework packet so that it can be used either as a monthly packet or as weekly homework (that took a bit of figuring out, lol). Everything aligns with the Common Core Standards, and is combined into one packet, woohoo.I will have it ready this weekend!!
Best of luck to those of you who are starting back to school. I love the first day of school!! I am as excited as the kids!! I'll be back in a few days!!

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