Kindergarten Common Core Homework for October

Hi Sweet Teacher Friends!
I have two weeks of October Kindergarten Homework now available. (Monthly packet now available) Once all four weeks are completed they will be available as a bundle. I realize many of you prefer the entire month at one time but my crazy schedule has not allowed me to work that far ahead. I keep hoping things will slow down a bit but my house is just as hectic as it was the first week of school.

I have a few pictures to share and I hope to get them posted next week. We have been doing so many fun activities in our class!! I will also take pictures at the Ohio Blogger Meet-Up this weekend....can't wait!!!


  1. Just bought your adorable clipart and I love it! I live in Ohio and have not heard of an Ohio blogger meet-up!?

    1. Hi Robynn!!
      It's this weekend on Sunday in Columbus. It's not to late to join us!!! Email me and I can give you the info!!


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