Awesome Easy October Idea


I've come to love the saying "work smarter not harder", so today I am sharing a super simple activity for Pre-K and K. It is easy and requires little prep. You will need:

Per Child:

3 white pipe cleaners

60 orange beads

1 green pipe cleaner

Begin by twisting your 3 white pipe cleaners together at the center, like the spokes on a wheel.

Children will add 10 pony beads to each spoke.

Then gather each end together and twist to form the stem.

Wrap a green pipe cleaner at the top and "curl" ends to form the vine by wrapping ends on a pencil. 

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  1. Wow! That’s a wonderful idea! I used these kinds of activities to teach my kids actually when they were at home. Now I have enrolled them in a popular Phoenix preschool. Their teacher also uses such creative activities for teaching them.


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