So Excited For My New Design!!

Wow, it is hard to believe it has been so long since I have written a blog post. Life has been busy and while I have kept up with Instagram and Facebook this little blog has been severely neglected. So what is new.....

This past winter I began doing the Whole Life Challenge, which I really enjoyed. WLC is not really a diet but more a lifestyle change to cleaner eating, exercise, and taking care of the body and mind. I loved it and in the process lost 24 pounds.
I am moving rooms....yikes....I have got a LOT of stuff. I am moving into a double room with my general ed teaching partner. We both have out own classroom but the center wall has two big doors/dividers that we will keep open. Right now all of our stuff is in my room while the other side gets new tile. We went up the other day to see if it was ready and we could barely navigate the room. We laughed so was like an episode of "Teacher Hourders".....a new show we think we should be
I will take lots of pictures of the set up process!! We are super excited to be REALLY co-teaching! We will be sharing tips this year on making co-teaching successful!  
What else is new??? Well...this new design of course. I read about a bazillion tutorials and finally got everything working in the places I wanted them. I almost gave up in the process and asked someone for help....and she wouldn't.....SOB...what???....why??? Don't teachers help each other? Well there's always that "one" in any situation right?? Here's an idea if you add "I'm not trying to be snarky" to what you say to probably are being snarky, duh.  So I made this....and posted it on FB and now I will add it here....

Happy summer friends! Be sure to take some time for yourself and relax!! I will be back soon with pictures of our hourder...I mean classroom. Wait until you is hilarious!

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